News Roundup


  • 5 people were shot outside a Miami Gardens night club, but it seems all will recover. [UPI]
  • Is there anything left to cut? McClatchy, The Herald's parent company, plans to eliminate another 1600 jobs company wide. That's 15% of its remaining work force. [Bloomberg]
  • All these recent cases of Medicare fraud are kind of Medicare's fault because they reinstated 18 medical equipment suppliers that were known to be shams. [Herald]


  • President Obama is reversing Bush's stemcell ban. [CBS4]
  • Obama's stimulus money may help fund two highway contruction projects in S. Florida. [Herald]


  • Canes Basketball: Beat NC State 72-64 in the last regular game of the season. A NCAA invite would likely only come after beating VT in the ACC tourney, and then NC. [Herald]
  • Sailboats. [Herald]
  • More sailboats. [Herald]
  • The Marlins scored a surpising win against St. Louis during spring ball. [AP]
  • The Bills signed TO, meaning we get to boo him next year. [NYTimes]


  • It's  been a long time since Britney Spears has visited a hospital voluntarily, but she stopped by Miami Children's Hospital on Saturday night to visit sick children. [AP]
  • Woah. Selma Blair is dating the dude who plays her husband on Kath & Kim? And they were on Miami Beach. Did you also know Selma Blair is 36? That boggles my mind every time. [GossipGirls]

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