• What to do about these Miami Hurricanes? Even during their darkest hours they've always had a respectable defense. This season could have been a statement, but in their last two games that reliable defense faltered, culminating in a fall from a brief stay in the rankings, a chance at the ACC championship game, and Saturday's loss to the team that for all season was ranked last in their division. Its not so great to be a Miami Hurricane. [AP]
  • The Canes will likely play in the Dr. Scholl's Deodorant Shoe Insert Bowl ...or the Emerald bowl in San Fran. We'll have to wait to find out. [Sporting News]
  • In happier gridiron news the Dolphin's defense played a key role in their 16-12 victory over the Rams. [AP]
  • There is a kosher meat shortage. [CBS4]
  • The Rodonna Thanksgiving saga came to an end. A-Rod ate with his ex-wife and kids, but spent the evening with Madonna on Star Island. Meanwhile, Madge had dinner with her brother, Cristopher Ciccone, who had written a tell all book about her earlier this year. [E!]
  • Hillary Clinton is officially going to be your Secretary of State. [Politico]
  • Some Latinos are disappointed with Obama's cabinet picks so far, though. [Politico]
  • "The American atrocities of Black Friday ... were so very American.

    They weren't about race or religion or anything serious. They were

    about discount shopping" [AOL Political Machine]

News Roundup

--Kyle Munzenrieder


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