News Roundup


  • Carlos Alvarez recommends that the county add 13 hybrid buses to its fleet. [SFBJ]
  • The final words of the music teacher who killed his wife and two daughters: "I love you," spoken to the 16-year-old son he shot at but missed. [AP]
  • Some British guy was having a marvelous time over here in Florida opening one fraudulent business after another until the feds indicted him today. [SFBJ]
  • After a shutdown at Turkey Point, FPL demanded nuclear reactors be brought back online in 12 hours. The top nuclear operator thought that was unsafe, so he straight up quit. Now everyone is suing each other. [Herald]
  • Fred Grimm thinks the sex offenders living under the bridge is hurting Miami's image. It's all about the tourism baby. [Herald]

  • Charlie Crist hasn't lived up to his promise of restoring voting rights to felons who've paid their debt to society. The Governor also seems to be as prone to silly spelling errors as I am. [Defede/CBS4]
  • Rep. Julio Robaina lost a key House position after a skirmish over a proposed cap on lawyers fees put him in conflict with accidental speaker Larry Cretul. [Herald]

  • Dwyane Wade, you magnificent basketball player, you. The Heat beat the Boston Celtics, last year's NBA Champs, with a helpful 32 points from Mr. Wade. [TSN]
  • I can't even find a link to an article, but the Miami Hurricanes' bats came alive in the 5th inning last night with a series of home runs that led to a 11 to 6 win over Pitt.

  • National treasure, and Riptide's own predictor of America's economic health, Britney Spears is still vacationing in Miami and went on a shopping spree at Merrick Park. [People]
  • Not even toddlers can enjoy being fat. [Herald]
  • Awww, cute kids' drawings of the President. [Herald]

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