• My least favorite things in the world: Britto art and parking meters. Somehow they are coming together to raise money for the homeless. [WSVN]
  • Some corporate thing I have never heard of has given the Miami Heat lots of money to make sure we all hear about it. Yep, the Heat has a new presenting sponsor. [CP]
  • The art market sucks right now. But some Miami artists and collectors aren't too bummed about it. [OceanDrive]
  • President Obama says Chicago is "the most American of American cities." Of course, he's trying to snag the Olympics for Chicago, but c'mon, we actually have people who come to Miami, sometimes on rafts, to start new lives, avoid political persecution, and all of that -- every day. How American is that? [NBCMiami]
  • University of Florida has a plan for a zombie invasion: schedule ridiculously weak out-of-conference-opponents and treat Tebow as a god. Oh wait, that's their football plan, but they do actually have a zombie plan. [Herald]
  • The push to bring back Coconut Grove's 5 a.m. bar closing time is on. [CGG]
  • Ron Book's daughter, who happens to be a victim of sexual abuse, says the current sex offender laws are too harsh. [Herald]

News Roundup

  • Now, after two Boston-Miami-bound planes were found with threatening notes onboard, the FBI is trying find any connection between the cases. [AP]
  • Police have finally apprehended four suspects, all members of the same gang, in a triple homicide from 2006. [Herald]
  • Two relatives of Dolphins defensive tackle Paul Soliai died during the tsunami that hit American Samoa. [WaPo]

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