News Roundup

  • Washington Mutual got jealous of all the attention Lehman, Merrill and AIG got yesterday. Its credit rating was cut to junk, and the bank may be sold to JPMorgan Chase. [Daily Mail]

  • Yes, these bank failures can effect you. The Lehman Brother's collapse could have repercussions in the South Florida real estate market. [Herald]

  • Tony Sparano is the saddest little coach in all of football. After the Dolphin's loss he didn't sleep, and instead spent all night in a dark room re-watching the game. [Herald]

  • John McCain was in Miami yesterday. Whatever.[NBC 6]

  • Four UM students were robbed at gunpoint at Sunset Place. Whatever. [Local 10]

  • In case you didn't know, the Michael Hernandez case is seriously the most disturbing thing ever. The jury heard his taped confession, and the transcript is enough to make your bones chill. [Local 10]

    --Kyle Munzenrieder


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