• I just wanted to share the fact that this image on the right is actually from the Illinois.Gov, and is the single most helpful thing I've ever seen on a government website. [Illinois]
  • Dr. Evan Zimmer, a well known Miami-beach psychiatrist, was arrested on charges of spending $10,000 on prostitutes, some of them under-age. [Herald]
  • Here's the Broward-Palm Beach New Times piece related to Medicare charges a doctor evaded that he The Herald has referred to . [BPB New Times]
  • The Miami Beach city council is planning to reaffirm its domestic partnership laws. [WIOD]
  • Miami real estate developer Jorge Perez and sugar-magnate Alfonso Fanjul are in talks to buy The Miami Herald. [Herald]
  • Local state legislators grabbed some choice appointments in House and Senate leadership positions. [Herald]
  • A Miami Jackson High teacher was attacked by a student and her cousin, and decided to retire from teaching. [CBS4]
  • A new plan would reclassify more local school as "F-Schools." Does anyone stop to think that these schools are so bad because teachers are afraid that students and their cousins are going to come attack them, hmmmm? [Herald
  • The agents who busted that sex slave ring last week are now in trouble for manhandling otherwise innocent illegal immigrants. [Sun-Sent

News Roundup

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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