News Roundup

  • The City is trying to squeeze out the under-the-Tuttle sex offenders by citing a nearby island as a park, but since there's no playground on the island the State doesn't really care. [Herald]
  • Andre Pierre is now the mayor of North Miami. Haitian Americans also regained their majority on the city council. [Herald]
  • Mayor Alvarez says that there's pretty much no choice but to have a property tax increase. [Herald]
  • It's thanks to the "unprecedented" drop in the tax rolls and property value. [SFBJ]
  • Commissioner Sosa is trying to start an arts task force, because everything can be fixed with a county task force. [Herald]
  • The Port of Miami project is back on track, supposedly. A financial agreement for the $1b project is expected to be finalized in October with a French firm. [SunSent]
  • Carrie Meek is heartbroken anyone would dare run against her son for Senate. Especially her friend Corrine Brown, who is technically more experience than her son. [NakedPolitics]
  • The Florida Turnpike, as part of a new concession contract, will be dropping all Starbucks along the turnpike and replacing them with Dunkin Donuts! [SunSent]

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