New York Steals Miami's "Angriest Drivers" Crown

For the past four years, Miami has reigned supreme as the U.S. city with the angriest and most aggressive drivers, but not anymore. According to Reuters, New York City has stolen our crown. 

This year, we didn't even make the top five; we placed seventh. Which is still to say drivers in the 305 are pretty damn angry, aggressive, and willing to cut you off. Just not as angry as we once were. Or maybe the other cities just got angrier, who knows. 

Dallas/Ft. Worth, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Detroit, and Atlanta also surpassed us. But we're a little peeved New York City came in first, because at least citizens there have the option of using a pretty decent public transportation system. Decent by American standards anyway. Next time we're in the Big Apple, we'll have to tailgate everyone to show them what's up. 

We still rule in one category, though. Miamians are more likely to shave, read, or put on makeup while driving. No offense to our fellow Miamians, but we're thinking this is the only survey Miami would come in tops in the "Most Likely to Read" category. 

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Kyle Munzenrieder