New Times' Brandon K. Thorp, Penn Bullock Named to Out 100

Two Miami New Times freelance writers, Brandon K. Thorp  and Penn Bullock, have been named as among the most significant contributors to gay America this year.

They join Ricky Martin, Johnny Weir, and Julianne Moore (go figure) as members of the Out 100, who are being honored this week in Manhattan by Out magazine. 

Cited by the magazine was Thorp (also our drama critic) and Bullock's work for 

New Times

 unmasking famed homophobe expert 

George Alan Rekers as a hypocrite

. Rekers is among the most prominent advocates of gay conversion theory, which has been discredited by many scientists. He started an organization called NARTH to push this idea, and has been hired by conservatives as an expert witness to bolster such homophobic measures as Florida's ban on gay adoption. 

Thorp and Bullock caught him with a young male prostitute at Miami International Airport. He was later booted form the Family Research Council, a conservative advocacy group, where he had been a board member.

We congratulate the writers. They will be penning a little something about the Big Apple festivities later this week.

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