New Poll: Charlie Crist Leading Rick Scott by 12 Points in Gov Race

Last month saw surprisingly good polling news for Rick Scott. Though it came from a lesser-known polling firm that "leaked" the results after conducting it for a private client, a Hamilton Consulting poll showed that Scott was tied with Charlie Crist in a hypothetical match-up.

Well, Public Polling Policy's new numbers out today show that Scott trails Crist by 12.

Crist would get 52 percent of the vote to Scott's 40 percent. PPP found a statistically similar 53/39 split back in January.

Scott's uncharacteristically centrist decision to expand Medicaid coverage in the state hasn't done much to improve his approval rating. Just 30 percent of Floridians approve of his job handling, the same as in January. Interestingly there were some small partisan shifts.

"Although his overall numbers are the same he has seen a slight improvement with Democrats (from 21/71 to 23/69) and a slight downgrade with Republicans (from 49/38 to 46/42)," rights PPP.

Scott also does poorly against other Democrats. Alex Sink would lead against Scott 45/40, and former Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio leads 44/37.

Though, it is Crist, the former Republican, who has an apparent lock on the Democratic nomination. The poll found 50 percent of Democrats want him as their candidate, compared to just 21 percent for Sink.

Oddly, only 42 percent of Republicans want Scott to run again. Forty-three percent of members of his own party would rather have someone else.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.