New Miami Marlins (Fan) Theme Song is Just Horrible UPDATED

Who the hell is in charge of the Miami Marlins' latest creative decisions? First we got that logo and the uniforms. Then came that home run "thing." Now we've got what appears to be a brand new theme song that is predictably horrible. It sounds like a theme song for a pleasure cruise or a flea market or something. We're still trying to confirm whether or not it's an official team sanctioned tune.


It's not official.

It's hard to decide what exactly is the worst lyric, but a strong case could be made for "Make a date with the Marlins -- those Miami Darlins."

Though, it's not so much the lyrics that are horrible (sports theme songs lyrics are almost always cheesy as hell), it's the Jimmy Buffet-esque music. It makes me think I'm stuck at a cabana bar with a bunch of sun burnt 50-something white people drinking frozen daiquiris and wearing straw hats and Tommy Bahama shirts. Well, at least there's probably conch fritters involved.

Update: We reached out to the team to get some confirmation. They never bothered getting back to us. Yahoo! Sports had more luck, and a rep said, "No it is not. Has nothing to do with us.


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