NBC6's Fancy New Website Launches

NBC 6's finally ditched its outdated website, and has a fancy new website like all of its other NBC O&O brethren. Meet


. Lead by

former Miami.com editor Jessica Sick

, the site also features the byline of former


writers (Todd Wright), an ex-

New Times

staff writer (Tristam Korten), and former

New York Post

writer (Brian Hamacher).

It's fun to read, and looks nice. Too bad I couldn't use anything in the ol' morning news roundup. The lead story  this morning (Gloria's Spy Try) is something we wrote about six days ago. And a lot of the other stories are just kind of rewrites of Herald stories, freely linking to them and cribbing quotes. Not that Riptide 2.0 can cast stones at anyone for that. But, it is the first day of this brave new web venture, so we'll give it time.

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