NBC6's Bob Mayer Set to Retire in June

South Florida Today anchor Bob Mayer has spent the majority of his career at WTVJ. He's been there since 1969, when he started as an intern. That was back when the station was a CBS affiliate on channel 4. Since then he's done everything from interviewing presidents to exposing dirty dinners, and for the past 20 years has hosted the station's morning show.

Now, he's retiring at the age of 63 in advance of parent company NBC Universal's sale to Comcast.

"Retiring now is financially much more beneficial,'' Mayer told Joan Fleischman, noting that he'll get a better retirement package while the company is still owned by GE rather than Comcast.

Fleischman also notes that since he hosts the 5 AM to 7 AM slot, he's been getting up at 1:45 AM (our weekday bed time!) for the past twenty years and has been going to seep at about 6 pm. Which just sounds absolutely horrible, and he looks forward to sleep in until 7 AM (our weekend bed time!).

He'll officially say goodbye in mid-June, but may still return to the station periodically for special reports. There's no news on whether he'll be replaced or if South Florida Today co-anchor Pam Giganti will go it alone.

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Kyle Munzenrieder

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