NBA GMs Predict Heat to Beat Lakers in Finals

Last year, the NBA's general managers picked the Miami Heat to beat the Oklahoma City Thunder for the championship in their annual preseason poll. These guys know their stuff, obviously.

This year they're predicting the Miami Heat versus Los Angeles Lakers finals the world has been patiently waiting for ever since LeBron James joined the Heat. And they're picking the Heat to repeat.

The poll finds 96.7 percent of GMs (all but one, in other words) predicting the Heat to win the Southeast Division. From there, the same 96.7 percent predict the Heat will win the Eastern Conference. Just 3.3 percent (again, just one guy) think that Boston will get the upset.

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Over in the Western Conference, 60 percent predict the Lakers will emerge victorious, with 36.7 percent picking the Thunder to repeat.

In the Finals, 70 percent pick the Heat, 23.3 percent pick the Lakers and 6.7 percent pick the Thunder.

So apparently everyone from the casual fan up to general managers have their mouths watering over finally getting the LeBron vs Kobe Finals that almost seemed destined.

Among the GMs, 66.7 percent think LeBron James will repeat as MVP. Kevin Durant got 16.7 percent of the vote.

Another 80 percent also say that if they could sign any player in the league they'd pick James; 73.3 percent also picked him as the best small forward in the league and 16.7 percent also picked him as the best power forward.

Just 23.3 percent think Dwyane Wade is the best point guard in the league. Kobe Bryant was first with 66.7 percent.

The poll found 56.7 percent think Ray Allen is the best pure shooter in the league, and the best at moving without the ball.

Another 10 percent also picked Miami as having the best home court advantage. They tied for second, behind the Thunder with 70 percent.

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