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Natacha Seijas Tells A GenTV Reporter To Take A Hike

Natacha Seijas should just get on her broom and fly off whenever a pesky journalist confronts her for comment about the recall against her. As we write this, the Wicked Witch of Northwest Miami-Dade is probably brewing up some diabolical potion for her latest media nemesis, GenTV reporter Claudia DoCampo, who had unsuccessfully tried to reach Seijas until Monday afternoon. The bilingual reporter confronted the county commissioner following the ribbon cutting ceremony for a clinic opening in Hialeah. DoCampo got a dose of Seija's popularly charming personality.

A video of their exchange was uploaded to youtube. It shows DoCampo intercepting Seijas as she is walking through the clinic's glass front door. "I'm busy," Seijas huffs in Spanish. "No maam, no maam." Seijas then shoves the reporter out of her


DoCampo follows Seijas inside. "Why won't you answer a simple

question?" DoCampo pleads. Seijas turns her back to the camera. Seijas finally loses it. She turns around to face DoCampo and she pushes the microphone

down, away from her face. 

In Spanish, the commissioner scolds the reporter: "Maam, we are not here for

that. We are here for something very special, ok? There is an ongoing lawsuit. I

am not going to answer you. Do you understand what a lawsuit is? Ok? Thank you."

DoCampo informs Banana Republican that she has been trying to get an interview with Seijas since petitioners began gathering signatures to recall the Hialeah politician. "I've been to her commission office," DoCampo relays. "I've been to her house. I left her my card. I was at the event to ask Julio Robaina some questions and she happened to be there so I decided to go up to her."

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