Natacha Seijas Booed At Hialeah Precinct During First Week Of Early Voting

A steady roar of boos greeted Natacha Seijas Wednesday morning when she swooped into the John F. Kennedy Library in Hialeah, one of the early voting sites where citizens in her district are casting their ballots. The entrenched county commissioner, along with Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Alvarez, is trying to fend off a recall.

Unlike the 2006 failed recall against her, this time it looks like the Wicked Witch of the Northwest's grip on power is slipping. As soon as some 30 voters serenaded her with jeers, Seijas jumped back on her broom stick, screaming, "I'll get you yet my pretties!"

And even if Seijas survives to terrorize Miami-Dade residents and county employees, she may be minus a key ally. Eye on Miami got a hold of a memo from County Commissioner Bruno Barreiro to Seijas in which he calls her out for fibbing. Apparently, Seijas went on Spanish language radio station Actualidad 1020 claiming that his family and staff members were doing more to intimidate recall petition gatherers in his district than she has.

"I am in complete dismay over your allegations regarding my conduct during the effort to recall me," Barreiro wrote. He also had a parting shot: "I wish you luck on March 15 and may God grant you all that you deserve for your work in Miami-Dade County!"

So expect Seijas to get a load of shit dropped on her once the recall election wraps.

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