Naked Man Killed After Confronting Florida Police With Shotgun

Pinellas County Sheriff's deputies were forced to shoot and kill a 60-year-old naked man who confronted them with a shotgun over the weekend.

The incident occurred yesterday, and originally started as a domestic dispute. The man, Danny Meredith, got in an argument with his wife, 56-year-old Donna Meredith. Donna decided to leave their Clearwater home to let things cool down, and returned a few hours later to find a note taped to the door that read, "There are guns in the home; don't come in unless you want to die."

According to Bay News 9, Donna decided to call 9-1-1 around 3 p.m.

Donna met with two deputies at a nearby station, and then accompanied them to the house. The note was still there, and the deputy's knocks originally went unanswered. Finally, Meredith came to the door in the nude carrying a shotgun.

He aimed the gun at the officers, and made several threatening comments. Both deputies then opened fire on Meredith.

The Sheriff's Office says that Meredith had no history of violence, but had been having problems at work lately due to back troubles.

Both deputies have been placed on routine administrative leave.

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