Mugshots Friday: The Olympic Spirit

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Arrested: 7/24
Charged with: Petit theft, marijuana possession
Yeah, we can't believe the guy with the bloodshot eyes and dreadlocks got busted for pot, either.

Arrested: 7/22
Charged with: Possession of a controlled substance
Tattoo of area code 646? New York City, represent! It's nice this dude has pride for the borough of Manhattan, but why not get a bigger tattoo? If you love your city, don't be afraid to show it. Let the whole world know just how you much you care about Times Square and Harlem and those food carts that smell like burning salt.

Arrested: 7/22
Charged with: Burglary, theft of an emergency vehicle
You know, the next time Miami-Dade County is facing a budget shortage, they should consider creating a reality show to raise money. Miami's Next Top Neck Tattoo, they could call it, and it could be casted entirely from soon-to-be felons. This guy probably has a heartwarming and inspiring story behind his tattoo, about family and love and perseverance. Then again, he did try to steal an ambulance.

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Jon Tayler

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