Mugshots Friday: The Iceman, Chuckles and an Oscar Gamble Wanna-be

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Young Tom Arnold is busy with pressing journalistic business, but I'll do my best to maintain his otherwise unwavering commitment to excellence in mugshot analysis. Let's do this.

Arrested: 06/22
Charged with: Cocaine possession
I know she's being booked, but that look still makes me feel like I've disappointed her somehow.

Arrested: 06/22
Charged with: Petit retail theft of less than $300
This guy looks like he may have been really cool in a decade that isn't this one; somewhere, a crappy .38 Special cover band is looking for a new drummer. Also, is his jaw swollen or did someone give him a caramel for the ride downtown?

Arrested: 06/22
Charged with: Animal cruelty

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