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Mugshots Friday: The Clenchiest Jaw, AARP Kobe Bryant, and The Gehry 'Do

Miami is a city of bubbles. We are currently in the midst of the Great Mugshot Bubble. One day, we'll sit down at our computer at 8 am on a Friday morning and find... nothing. Dimly-lit photos of regular-looking perps in prison scrubs. But while it lasts, let's do some reveling.

Arrested: 01/13

Charged With: Burglary, grand theft, criminal mischief, carrying a concealed weapon.

We see a lot of clenched jaws here at Mugshots Friday. It comes with the territory. But this... this is the clenchiest.

: 01/13

Charged with: Grand theft, trespassing

There's a celebrity reference to be made here, we just know it. Bill Walton with a dash of Mel Gibson? A Latin version of Doc From Back to the Future? Help us out in the comments section.

Arrested: 01/10

Charged with: Burglary, grand theft

But this one's easy: Carlton from "The Fresh Prince of Belair", duh.

Arrested: 01/09

Charged with: Disorderly conduct

Since it's doppelganger week: This guy-- who looks exactly like an aged Kobe Bryant-- gets arrested a lot. Today, he makes the cut. Run free, GOAT! Also, stay out of Vail, Colorado. Trust us.

Arrested: 01/09

Charged with: Disorderly conduct, criminal mischief, battery on a police officer

Oh no, the "Gooning" guy again? At this point, we're pretty sure he's just trying to get the perfect photo for his album cover without paying a professional photographer. What a clever little Caucasian goon.

Arrested: 01/07

Charged with: Murder

This dude's hair was designed by Frank Gehry.

Arrested: 01/06

Charged with: Loitering

"Your honor, I demand that you release my client at once. Look-- he's making the classic 'sorry' face!"

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