Mugshots Friday: Hustle Too Hard

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Arrested: 6/20

Charges: Battery and Consumption of Alcohol Close to a Store that Sells Alchohol

Imagine the difference this man could make if he donated his extra eyebrow hair to chongas who are so eyebrow-deprived they have to draw theirs on with Sharpies.

Arrested: 6/24

Charges: Disorderly Intoxication

If there's one thing worse than having a mugshot online forever, it's having a picture of you crying online forever, and this guy got a twofer. There's a reason we don't print people's names on here. We have some mercy.

Arrested: 6/23

Charges: Petit Theft

Another visit from our old friend Permanent Chin Pubes, except this time we're wondering what the hell is in the middle of his grand neck tattoo collage -- a piping-hot Styrofoam coffee cup?

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Kyle Munzenrieder