Mugshots Friday: Hugh Hefner of the Streets and the Animal Cruelty Of A Ponytail

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Arrested: 2/6

Charged with: Out-of-state warrant

This guy is best friend material.

Arrested: 2/7

Charged with: Drinking alcoholic beverages in public, disorderly intoxication

So does he have to turn those necklaces in to the property dude at the jail before going into a cell? And when he gets them back tomorrow when he's sober, will they seem ironic? Is that the proper use of the word "irony"? Many questions on this one.

Arrested: 3/6

Charged with: Unknown

We hope that rousing dudes from their beds and arresting them with no charges doesn't become a thing. Mugshots Friday will suffer if it's just a bunch of guys looking drowsy in their bathrobes.

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Gus Garcia-Roberts