Mugshots Friday: Big Hair, Bad Sunburns, and Bags of Money

Every Friday, Riptide brings you the most eye-catching mugshots taken the previous week (or thereabouts) in Miami-Dade County. Yes, there is some mockery of bad neck tattoos, but also adulation directed at perps who just plain look more badass than we ever will. This is the italicized intro to that series. For mugshots from Broward and Palm Beach, check out The Pulp.

Arrested: 10/19
Charged with: Burglary, obstruction, child abuse, battery
True story: I get P.O.D.'s "Youth of the Nation" stuck in my head every time I see this guy. I don't know if it's a wise style decision to make yourself look like the bassist from Korn, but it's bold, that's for sure.

Arrested: 10/22
Charged with: Cocaine possession, marijuana possession, gambling
Now that is an impressive hairdo. I think we can safely wager that no one this week will have bigger hair than that.

Arrested: 10/23
Charged with: Trespassing
I stand corrected.

Arrested: 10/22
Charged with: Cocaine possession, battery on a police officer, resisting arrest
Huh, so the guy who looks like he couldn't blink if you asked him to was busted for being high on yayo. No way. I never would've guessed.

Arrested: 10/20
Charged with: Petit theft
At least Troy Polamalu will be able to afford bailing his dad out of jail.

Arrested: 10/23
Charged with: Robbery, battery
Hilarious neck tattoos come in waves here on Mugshots Friday. Some weeks, we're inundated with area codes and cursive script. Other weeks, nary a dollar sign or poorly drawn gun is to be found. This week was a little lighter on the tats, but the 305 never disappoints. You'll always run across someone who made a bad ink decision. The fact that the guy with the bag of money on his neck got busted for robbery is the icing on this particular cake of stupidity.

Arrested: 10/19
Charged with: Soliciting a prostitute
Good people of south Florida, I know the sun is brutal down here, and wearing a hat is a wise decision. But please, if you're looking for an even skin tone so you don't look awful after you get busted trying to pick up a hooker, try taking the hat off every once in a while.

Arrested: 10/22
Charged with: Cocaine possession, possession of burglary tools
Cocaine's been responsible for a lot of bad decisions: shootings, assaults, David Lee Roth's first solo album. Doesn't seem like Cuban Clint Eastwood here was immune to coke's devil charms, either.

Arrested: 10/21
Charged with: Cocaine possession
She seems just a few chainlinks short, don't you think?

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