Mugshots Friday: Art Basel Edition

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Arrested: 11/30

Charged with: Driving with a suspended license

So he's not the greatest driver. But this looks like the type of dude who will give you spot-on relationship advice while fixing that nagging leak in your sink. He definitely has a bottle opener on his keychain. Is it racist to assume he's Australian?

Arrested: 11/30
Charged with: Aggravated assault
This is the face you see when your acid trip takes a bad turn. You can spoon out your eyes, but you won't unsee him.

Arrested: 11/27
Charged with: Disorderly intoxication
One of the best things about Miami is that we're not overrun with hipsters. And we still have awesome proto-hipsters who are really just modern versions of train-hopping hobos of yore, like this bad-ass scamp.

Arrested: 11/28
Charged with: Armed robbery
Dude, you knew you had a fair chance of getting arrested today and having your mug taken. You couldn't dress any better than that?

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Gus Garcia-Roberts