Most Ridiculous Anti-Obama Ad Ever Runs in Major Florida Newspaper

According to an ad running today in The Sarasota Tribune-Herald, Barack Obama is basically going to come down to your place of work and fire you, and then give it to an illegal immigrant. He's then going to reach into your pocket and steal all your cash to pay for gay babies and abortions. Go ahead call the police. They don't care, because now they're only enforcing Sharia Law, because they're controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood.

Seriously, here is the ad via The Buzz:

The ad was paid for by the "Government Is Not God!" PAC and has so far run in a few small newspapers in swing states, but the Herald-Tribune appears to be not only the largest newspaper to run the false ad but also certainly the only one to have won a Pulitzer Prize two years ago.

But enough about boring newspapery things, let's talk about GING PAC for a second.

Come on guys, if you're going to go this overdramatic and deceitful, why stop at just these allegations. Here's a few suggestions to include in your next ad:

...Force students to pray to Allah before class.
...Force all public school teachers to gay marry each other in a Sharia ceremony.
...Force Americans to accept Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" as their new national anthem.
...Force Miami-Dade County to allow Fidel Castro to select all officials.
...Force you to get a government-funded abortion if you plan to baptize your baby.
...Force all American jobs to be outsourced to Iran.
...Force doctors to really enjoy it when they give you a prostate exam.

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