More Cranky Old Men Offer Sarah Palin Advice

The McCain campaign is on the ropes. They're pretty desperate at this point, what with all that Bill Ayers nonsense. Voters don't want to hear about that. They want to hear about the pressing issues, like the economy and health care, and according to Jack Thompson, violent video games.

The recently disbarred and generally loopy Coral Gables Lawyer wrote a letter to Sarah Palin urging her to take up the issue of video game violence and offering his services.

The McCain-Palin campaign, with all respect, is missing the boat on this issue. I strongly urge your campaign to tell American parents that if elected you will present to Congress a bill that prevents the sale of adult games to kids while fully protecting the First Amendment. I have this crucial, constitutional legislation drafted and ready to go. You will see voters flock to your proposal. The American entertainment industry’s assault upon our children and our values must stop, and you are the person to stop it.

Right, because the last thing Sarah Palin needs to do is take more advice from a cranky, white dude. Unless Thompson can categorically prove that Grand Theft Auto is somehow responsible for the Dow's recent troubles, we don't think this is the issue America is going to flock around right now.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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