Mom Says Her 7-Year-Old Will Grow Up To Be A Stripper, Then Tries To Run Over Her Husband

We've got a new entrant for Florida's Mom of the Year Award (Note: the award is not given to the best mother in Florida, but rather the most "Floridian" mother): Jennifer Lee Collinsworth of Crestview. She stands accused of trying to run over the father of her children with her car and screaming that her daughters are going to grow up to be strippers and teen moms.

Thirty-three-year-old Collinsworth was dropping off her two daughters at the home of her husband of 10 years. The two had apparently separated, but it's not clear if they're officially divorced. The two started arguing about custody and that's when shit hit the fan.

Collinsworth did have at least some decency: she told the two girls to wait inside during the dispute in the driveway, but that didn't stop the girls from listening in.

She told her ex to come closer to her car so the two could talk, but the man refused. He then told deputies that she tried to run him over with the car. That's when he called police.

Deputies talked to the two little girls, and according to the Northwest Florida Daily News the girls said that their mother told "[the] 12-year-old daughter she would be pregnant by 16 and told her 7-year-old daughter she would grow up to be a stripper."

You know, we have to imagine there are probably tons of teenagers and strippers out there who are better mothers than Collinsworth.

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