Mitt Romney Had Virtually No Convention Bounce in Florida

National polls are showing that President Barack Obama definitely sustained a significant post-convention bounce after last week's DNC, but what about ol' Mitt Romney? One would figure that by virtue of hosting the Republican National Convention right here in Florida, that the GOP candidate would at least see some bump here in Florida? Well, there have only been two post-convention polls released of Florida voters since the RNC wrapped up, and, if anything, Romney might actually be doing worse here.

Gravis Marketing conducted a poll on September 2, right in between the end of the RNC and the start of the DNC. It showed Romney with a one point advantage in Florida, 48 percent to Obama's 47 percent. (Poll master Nate Silver, by the way, says that Gravis's results are generally kinder to Republican politicians).

That seems alright. Except that Gravis also conducted poll on August 20th, a week before the RNC was held in Tampa. Those results showed Romney up 50 to 46. So, according to the Gravis results Romney is actually down two points after the Republican convention, while Obama is up a point.

Public Policy Polling, a Democrat-aligned firm, also conducted a poll of Floridians shortly after the end of the RNC. Their poll was taken August 31 and September 2, and showed Obama with a slight 48-to-47 advantage. Those were the exact same numbers they found in their late July poll.

So, whoops, there's little evidence that hosting their convention in Florida actually helped the GOP's chances in the Sunshine State come November.

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Kyle Munzenrieder