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Mini McCain Rally Riot

Here's something you won't see when reading the Daily's recaps of McCain's rally at Everglades Lumber: Apparently, there was a tense scene where a number of McCain supporters surrounded a few Obama supporters before police had to intervene, according to 538.

After the rally, we witnessed a near-street riot involving the exiting McCain crowd and two Cuban-American Obama supporters. Tony Garcia, 63, and Raul Sorando, 31, were suddenly surrounded by an angry mob. There is a moment in a crowd when something goes from mere yelling to a feeling of danger, and that's what we witnessed. As photographers and police raced to the scene, the crowd elevated from stable to fast-moving scrum, and the two men were surrounded on all sides as we raced to the circle.

They two men say that the man who incited the incident previously warned them to get off the property, claiming he owned it. The self identified owner went as far as to apparently whispered into one's ear, "I'm gonna beat you up the next time I see you." ]

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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