Mike Miller Might Sue Miami Heat Over Con Man

Mike Miller was one of three Heat players to get swindled by con man Haider Zafar, and now he's considering suiting the team for responsibility. The suit is drawn up according to The Herald, but Miller hasn't officially filed it yet. In the suit Miller would seek $1.7 million, the exact amount he lost to Zafar, because a team employee introduced him to the shady business man.

Zafar fraudulently claimed to be a member of a wealthy Pakistani family that owned the Hashoo Group. Zafar offered to buy stakes in three of Miller businesses including his energy drink line, a clothing business and a mining company. He offered $30 million but through a series of forged documents convinced Miller that the money was tied up in overseas bank accounts but would eventually come.

He also offered Miller a chance to buy into an investment fund, but told the basketball player he only had a matter of days to come up with $2 million or his chance would be gone. That's how Miller lost out on the $1.7 million.

Of course Zafar had no connection to the Hashoo group, never intended to buy into Miller's companies or help Miller invest his money.

In fact, he took Miller's money and turned around and used it to buy courtside Heat tickets.

The catch is that Zafar asked Stephen Weber, former executive vice president/sales, to introduce him to Heat players looking for business opportunities in the first place, and that's how Miller got wound up in the scam. Though there's no indication that Weber knew Zafar was a con man.

Miller, who was amnestied by the Heat during the off season, originally asked the Heat for $700,000 plus attorney fees, but now that a settlement hasn't been reached he's considering the lawsuit.

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