Mickey Rourke Fled Miami Violence For Acting Career

Last week we pleaded with you to stop killing each other, but Miami's history of violence has inspired at least one Hollywood career.

"I found (myself) on the short end of a gunfight. (I was) only 18, and it was just some monkey business gone wrong - a drug-deal ripoff. And our guns were smaller than theirs," Mickey Rourke tells Maxim Magazine, "I realized I wasn't going to live long in this line of work. It's nice playing those kinds of people in movies, but in real life, it sucks."

Rourke, grew up in Miami and has had a roller coaster career. From Hollywood bad boy, broke boxer, and now back to generating Oscar buzz in his upcoming flick The Wrestler.

So new rule: stop trying to kill each other unless you're pretty sure your victim is going to get away safely and start a legitimate acting career. So basically, yeah, just stop killing each other.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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Kyle Munzenrieder