Michelle Obama Filmed a Scene for Parks & Rec in Miami Earlier This Week

Turns out Michelle Obama did more than promote her Let's Move initiative during her trip to Miami earlier this week. And it turns out there was a good reason that Amy Poehler seemingly randomly accompanied her.

The First Lady filmed a scene for Poehler's show Parks & Recreation while in town, which will mark her sitcom debut.

There's no word on the details of her appearance. So, we're not sure if it will also include a "Leslie Knope goes to Miami" plot as well, but fingers crossed it will! Though, it's entirely possibly they shot somewhere that could pass off as being in the fictional town of Pawnee, Indiana, as well.

Despite being only a modest success, Parks & Rec has been a popular destination for political bigwigs. Vice President Joe Biden and senators John McCain, Olympia Snowe, and Barbara Boxer have all made cameos on the show. It's certainly makes sense. The show is one of the few that portrays the inner workings of government (though, in the show's case, local) with enthusiasm and optimism rather than the regular cynicism.

The episode will air on Thursday, April 24, on NBC as the series' hour-long season finale.

In any event this is probably the closest we'll get to our spinoff idea, the far more cynical Parks & Rec: Hialeah.

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