Michelle Delamor Voted Off American Idol

Despite some early hype as a potential favorite, local girl Michelle Delamor was voted off American Idol last night.

What's the deal? She had pipes, and, well, some people who made it this week did not.

There's only one explanation: She sang Creed.

But as we said yesterday, America is too embarrassed to be reminded of their late-'90s love affair with the cheesy inspirational rock band. Maybe one day they'll be ready for a semi-ironic comeback, but not now. The memories are just too painful.

Plus one of our commenters points out, "As soon as her boyfriend got on TV, I knew she would loose a lot of the male vote." And considering bros who would vote for contestants based on their hotness and availability are the only people who still openly embrace Creed, she was pretty much doomed.

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Kyle Munzenrieder