Michael Putney Got Soaked by Shady Candidate Justin Lamar Sternad's Wife

Ah, the perils of an intrepid TV reporter. Sometimes crazed interview subjects attack you. Sometimes horses poop on your head. And sometimes the wives of shady, fake Democrats at the center of an FBI investigation throw a whole pitcher of water in your face.

OK, maybe that last part happens only in Miami. Michael Putney certainly got the money shot yesterday when he ignored a warning taped to the front door of Justin Lamar Sternad, the candidate at the center of an FBI probe into Rep. David Rivera. Instead of answers, Putney got a face full of agua.

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To be fair to Sternad's wife, Putney was warned exactly what would happen if he banged on the door. A white paper sign taped out front states the couple has five children, asks reporters to call Sternad's attorney for comment, and concludes, "Trespassers will be WET! You have been warned!"

Touché, Sternad household.

As fun as it is to see Putney get drenched, every increasingly bizarre tale coming out of the Sternard affair has to be making Rivera ever more worried about his chances of keeping his seat come November.

This week has been a doozy for the Republican congressman. First, news came that the consultant who allegedly paid for Sternard's mailers with envelops of cash from Rivera -- and who disappeared weeks ago -- was once arrested for threatening her husband with a gun while buck naked.

Now comes Sternad's on-air drenching of Miami's elder statesman of TV news.

This drama can only conclude with David Rivera spontaneously combusting into flames amid a televised debate with challenger Joe Garcia.


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