Michael Dunn, Accused of Killing Unarmed Black Teen, Says "Thugs" Should Be Shot So They "Take The Hint"

In November 2012, Michael Dunn, a white man, got into a confrontation with four black teens at a gas station over loud music playing in their SUV. Dunn ended up pulling out a gun and firing several shots into the vehicle. One of the bullets struck and killed 17-year-old Jordan Davis.

Now, News4Jax has obtained several letters written by Dunn from jail as he awaits trial. In them, he claims he's not racist but advocates things like killing "thugs" so they "take the hint and change their behavior." Dunn also rails against the media, claiming journalists are a bunch of "liberal bastards."

Here are a few excerpts from his jailhouse letters.

From a letter to his grandmother:

"I'm really not prejudiced against race, but I have no use for certain cultures. This gangster-rap, ghetto talking thug 'culture' that certain segments of society flock to is intolerable. They espouse violence and disrespect towards women. The black community here in Jacksonville is in an uproar against me -- the three other thugs that were in the car are telling stories to cover up their true 'colors.'"

From another letter to Grandma:

"I am amazed at what is going on with the way the media has been covering this case. Their have been several other shootings here in Jacksonville, yet they are all either black-on-black or black-on-white, and none of them have garnered any attention from the media. I guess it's news when someone dares to not to be a victim, but they are twisting it around sand saying I was the 'bad guy.'"

And from another letter to her:

"The jail is full of blacks and they all act like thugs. This may sound a bit radical but if more people would arm themselves and kill these (expletive) idiots, when they're threatening you, eventually they may take the hint and change their behavior."

From a letter to an unnamed supporter:

"I'm not getting much in the way of sympathy from the press. They're a bunch of liberal bastards!...

They seem to have a lot of racial guilt, or at least the prosecutors office does. The jail here is almost all black prisoners. You'd think Jacksonville was 90-90% black judging by the makeup of the folks in jail here! ... My fear is that if I get 1 black on my jury it will be a mistrial as I am convinced they will be racially biased."

In other letters, Dunn claims that the victim had a weapon in the car and that he believes he has a stronger case than George Zimmerman. No weapons were found inside the SUV, according to Jacksonville Police. Dunn also fled the scene after he killed Davis.

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