Miami's World Series MVP: A-Rod

As far as I know, there were two Miami boyz playing in the World Series -- A-Rod (Westminster) and Raul Ibanez (Sunset) -- as well as a lot of Dominicans and others who spend significant time here.

Though Hideki Matsui won the MVP -- and he's a Yankee I generally don't despise -- I crown  A-Rod our top guy en la seria mundial. I mean, he's the team leader and started like crap but came on like a pile driver. He batted far under .200 for much of the series, but hustled -- even stole a base in the final game -- and was patient. He scored five runs, several off of walks, and his slugging percentage in the end was a respectable.550, the best on the Yankees.

The Phillies' Ibanez's numbers look better. He batted over .300 with an impressive four doubles and his slugging percentage was better, .609. But, the dude only scored two runs. When it mattered, he flopped. Shane Victorino, who missed an important catch, may be the goat of this series, but Ibanez's play was forgettable.

I just wish Hanley had been there. That kid deserves a ring!

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