Miami's Sixth-Straight Loss to FSU Should Be Final Straw for Al Golden
Photo by Stian Roenning

Miami's Sixth-Straight Loss to FSU Should Be Final Straw for Al Golden

This weekend, it was close, but no cigar yet again for UM fans as the losing streak to FSU marches on. It's now been 2,228 days since the Hurricanes last win over FSU and counting. 

Miami's 29-24 loss to FSU Saturday night was quite possibly the final nail in Al Golden's Miami coaching-career-coffin. The numbers are staggering; Golden is just 31-24 at Miami, and under .500 (16-17) in the ACC — not exactly he results Miami signed up for when they signed him through the 2019 season. The schedule doesn't get any easier now; Duke, Virginia Tech, and Clemson are up next, all very capable of being the next pile of dirt thrown on the Al Golden Hurricanes era. 

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You'd be hard pressed to find a Hurricanes fan who still has 100 percent faith in the direction Golden has the Hurricanes headed in at this point — and for good reason. He's made many promises, and even more excuses when his promises never come to fruition. Hashtags, slogans, skits, talks, signs, all of it has amounted to nothing, and just like the professional team in town did last week, it's time for the Hurricanes to make a change. 

The Hurricanes are no longer a team opponents fear — quite the opposite, actually. After the loss, FSU sent out a cold tweet mocking all the commotion surrounding Golden this season that feature their own version of a plane banner dedicated to Hurricanes football. Simple, and straight to the point: FSU has owned this rivalry so long, the last time the Hurricanes won, everyone was amazed by the new IPhone 3. 

The biggest question is if the University of Miami is willing to walk away from a coach that they are committed to paying through another Olympics and World Cup.

The terms of a potential buyout in Golden's contract are not public knowledge because Miami is a private university, but they are assumed to be hefty. Couple that with the similar clauses for the rest of the coaching staff, and the cost of bringing in a big name coach to fix the mess Golden left behind, and it all adds up to tens of millions of dollars the school might think is better used somewhere else on campus. 

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