Miami's Idea of a Perfect Date Is Apparently Drinking Wine and Eating Pasta on Lincoln Road

Looking for the perfect date this weekend? Apparently you can't go wrong with taking your date to an Italian joint on Lincoln Road and ordering a bottle of chianti. According to an analysis of data from dating website, that's most Miamians idea of a perfect date.

The site lets people post what they'd like to do on a date, and then helps them find other people who would like to join them.

According to BuzzFeed, the site " analyzed over a million date suggestions posted between January 2010 and September 2012" and came up with an infographic providing dating data for America's biggest cities. Here's the rundown on Miami:

Some of the more interesting points:

  • 71 percent of Miamians prefer to drink wine on a date, which is far and away the highest rate in the country.
  • Only 14 percent prefer beer, the lowest rate in the country. Which just confirms that, no, Miami is not a beer town.
  • Buzzfeed also points out "Drinking dates that mention a specific type of alcohol get three times more responses than those that just suggest 'a drink.' So hedge you bets and mention wine.
  • Miamians also have a much higher than average preference for Italian food.
  • Cuban food only came in fourth (probably because most prefer it homemade), but it didn't show up for any other city.
  • Miami also had the 8th highest number of cultural dates posted on the site.
Here's the full infographic if you'd like to peruse other cities dating habits.

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Kyle Munzenrieder