Miami's First Videogame Convention Coming in October

Riptide hadn't played videogames in years (except for a small descent into Katamari during college) until we recently got a Wii. Since then, it's probably been way too much Lego Batman and Lego Star Wars. Obviously, our videogame taste hasn't matured beyond when we played as a kid. 

Nonetheless, we're actually kinda, sorta excited that Miami will see its first consumer-oriented videogame conference come late October. 

The Doubletree Miami Mart will host the Infinite Bits convention October 23-25, according to CBS4

From the convention's official website

We'll have lots of gaming, representing all eras and genres of video game history. We'll have an interactive museum, where you can play games from the 70s to today, themed rooms for even more action, and rare gaming hardware. Of course we'll also have plenty of tournaments - Halo 3, Gears of War 2, Rock Band, retro tournaments, and more. 

Our exhibit hall will include vendors who specialize in all types of gaming merchandise, companies from within the industry, local gaming clubs and organizations, and gaming websites. We'll also be featuring live music Friday and Saturday nights. Infinite Bits is just what Miami's gaming scene has been waiting for!
One question: Will there be anyone there who we can plead for an Lego X-Men videogame? We know, we know, Lego doesn't actually make X-Men pieces and whatever, but it would be the greatest game ever, and Super Hero Squad looks lame.

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Kyle Munzenrieder