Miami Woman Escorted Off Flight Just for Snapping Photo

Do not piss off US Airways flight attendant Tonialla G. Certainly do not think about snapping a picture of her name tag, because she will have you booted off that plane so quick, and apparently US Airways will comply.

Miami photographer Sandy DeWitt claims she was kicked off a Miami-bound flight from Philadelphia for merely snapping the attendant's name tag on her iPhone. Though the airline says there is more to the story. 

According to Carlos Miller at Pixiq, DeWitt noticed Tonialla being rude to passengers in the boarding area, so she took out her iPhone to snap a picture of her name tag and planned to report her latter to US Airways.

Tonialla, however, noticed, and later came up to DeWitt and demanded she turn her phone back on and deleted the picture. Ironically the photo didn't even come out properly. After some protest, DeWitt complied, but that wasn't enough. Tonialla then informed the pilot that DeWitt was a "security risk." 

So two other flight attendants escorted DeWitt off the plane and would not allow her to re-board. Although US Airways had deemed DeWitt a "security risk," police were not involved, and representatives from the airline told her to catch another flight on another carrier. Hours latter DeWitt managed to catch a late flight home on SouthWest. 

However, Todd Lehmacher, a spokesman for US Airways says there was more to the story.

"Once onboard, she was using foul and explicit language," Lehmacher told MSNBC. "She was removed at the request of the captain."

Lehmacher would not elaborate on the rest of the incident. 

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Kyle Munzenrieder