Miami Social Still Set To Rot Your TVs

Miami Social, a weekly documentary about just how hard it is to be rich, tan, buff, and connected in the third world country of Miami Beach seems to finally be making its way to Bravo's airwaves, despite some gossip suggesting otherwise.

It took a long time to get there though --well, by quickly produced reality television standards-- it was first announced almost a year ago, and is finally set to air. At least that's what Bravo said today at their up fronts in New York.

Here are the kind words LA Times offers the program:

It is the most vapid, foul, awful, self-satisfied group of people ever

assembled in the entire world, and it will be a smashing success, even

though it is insanely out of touch with the present moment, i.e., the

massive, crippling recession and how people actually don't spend all

their time poolside on hotel roofs drinking and being catty and having

break-ups and post-break-up sex. These people are just unspeakably


Aww, that's awfully nice of them.

The show is actually supposed to be somewhat based on Friends with seven friends, except replace "Central Perk" with some hotel bar. Whatever. There's still no debut day set.

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