Miami Social Cast Officially Unveiled

As we were the first to report, Bravo officially announced the details of its upcoming "docusoap" Miami Social yesterday. And to think, Lesley Abravanal said it would never happen

Bravo has the official website for the series up, and it's our first chance to get a look at the official cast list and their bios. While, we're sure in reality all of these fine people are complicated beings with fears, hopes and dreams like the rest of us, the show is probably going to reduce them to an odd collection of stereotypes with interchangeable parts.

Below, we've reviewed their bios and my God, these people are all the same:
  • Successful professional: All of them
  • A regular at either the "chicest" or "hottest" place, seriously these are the only two words they use to describe places: Sorah, Ariel, George, Michael, Maria
  • Complicated love life: Sorah, George, Michael, Katrina, Hardy
  • Subset who's love life is complicated because it's hard to find a Marrying-kind of lady in SoBe: Michael, Hardy. 
  • Works in real estate: Sorah, George, Katrina
  • Reality TV past mentioned in bio: Katrina, who starred on season one of The Apprentice
  • Reality TV past excised from bio: Hardy, who spent a summer tanning in the backyard of CBS's Big Brother house.
  • Softcore porn past excised from bio: Hardy, who, according to IMDB, starred in Summer Desires. One commenter says, "There are lots of juggling boobs and simulated sex, in warm and partly wet environments."

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Kyle Munzenrieder