Miami Ranked Eighth Nerdiest City in America


That's Klingon for "hello," which you might already know because apparently you live in the eighth nerdiest city in America. Yes, every single last stereotype about Miami aside, real estate blog Movoto crunched the numbers and decided we were the 8th nerdiest city in America.

The site used the following criteria to come up with the rankings:

Number of annual comic book, video game, anime, and sci-fi / fantasy conventions

People per comic book store

People per video game store

People per traditional gaming store

People per computer store

People per bookstore

People per LARPing group

People per science museum

Distance to the nearest Renaissance faire

As it turns out, Miami had the third highest number of video games store per capita. We didn't come out near the top in any of the other categories, but apparently our over-all rankings were good enough to get us in the top ten.

Commenters on the site don't seem to agree, however.

"Miami is a nerd's hell," wrote one.

"The Renfaire in SFL is a joke and the allegedly plentiful comic book stores don't really support an integrated community," wrote another.

While it's true Miami may not exactly be a nerd's paradise, there are quite a few things around that can keep a nerd satisfied.

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Kyle Munzenrieder