Miami Ranked 69th Best City for Moms (Giggity), Hialeah Ranked Worst in South Florida

The Daily Beast is beginning to rival for the number of inane city rankings list, but why should we complain? It gives us easy blog fodder. 

In honor of Mother's Day, Tina Brown's Internet concern ranked America's top 200 cities by how appealing they are for mothers to live. Moms per capita, quality of schools, prevelance of child-care centers, number of maternal health specialists, and the divinity of local brunch and hair salon offerings were all taken into account. 

Miami came in at number 69 out of 200 (wipe that smirk off of your face -- this is our moms we're talking about). 

Miami scored relatively high in the pampering and health-care section (yes, we do have a glut of fancy brunch spots and expensive doctors) but ranked near the bottom in mothers per capita. 

The Magic City did much better than the City of Progress. Hialeah came in at number 129, the lowest in South Florida and the second lowest in the state. 

Apparently, our Broward brethren are much better places for sus madres. Hollywood came in at 44, Fort Lauderdale at 38, and Coral Springs at number four overall. 

Saint Paul, Minnesota, was ranked moms' worst city in the nation, while Boise, Idaho, was ranked best. 

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Kyle Munzenrieder