Miami Ranked 13th Most Caffeinated City

You guys! You guys! You guys! We're like really, really excited right now! The Daily Beast has posted yet another inane, weird ranking of cities! Oh, my God! This time, the Beast ranked the top 20 most caffeinated cities in America! And Miami/Fort Lauderdale came in at number 13! Put your little café cubano cups up in the air and toast to that!

Apparently, Americans intake, on average, about 280 milligrams of caffeine every day, and more than half of American older than 18 are daily coffee drinkers. This led Tina Brown's Internet concern to rank metro areas by addiction to the holy buzz.

The Beast took the number of coffee stores in a city, mixed it with the results of a survey on caffeine consumption from a national survey, and the amount of money citizens spend of coffee each week.

Our area has only eight coffee stores per 100,000 resident, which is on the lower end of the spectrum. That's not a surprise when you consider the regional favorite version of coffee, café cubano, isn't sold that often at dedicated coffee stores.

However, we came in seventh in the rankings of caffeine from all sources and on average spend $26 a week on coffee.

That's good enough to get the area to number 13 on the list, but we're a far cry from number one, which is, of course, Seattle.

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