Miami New Times Has a New, Improved, User-Friendly Website

After a couple hours under the knife, New Times has got a new website that's not only easy on the eyes, but it's specifically designed for you, the reader. We didn't rest until we had created a site that was both simple to navigate and fun to read.

Here's a look at the major upgrades we've made:

Responsive design

No more "mobile version" of the site. It now knows what device you're using and will automatically adjust to give you the best experience possible on a desktop, tablet or smartphone.

No more pagination

Were you tired of clicking? We were, so we made pagination a thing of the past. Now all of the articles you read on our site — even the longform stuff — will come in one long page. Just scroll down.

Easy access to videos and slideshows

We have lots of video and slideshow content on our website, and now it's much easier to find. Look for it on our homepage, as well as on the news, music, food & drink, and arts pages. Slideshows and video also have their own landing pages, so you can find all our great visual content there as well.

Better recommendations

Your interests matter to us, so we've designed our website to use them to suggest additional content you might like to read. Take a look to the left on any given article page and you'll find a selection of related stories, videos, and slideshows that are likely to pique your interest, all based on the story you're currently reading.

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Jose D. Duran is the associate editor of Miami New Times. He's the strategist behind the publication's eyebrow-raising Facebook and Twitter feeds. He has also been reporting on Miami's cultural scene since 2006. He has a BS in journalism and will live in Miami as long as climate change permits.
Contact: Jose D. Duran