Miami Named America's Fifth Buggiest City

This shouldn't be much of a surprise since our climate makes us a mosquito heaven, but Miami has been named America's fifth buggiest city. That's according to a survey compiled by OFF! insect repellent, who of course have a bit of a stake in deciding such things.

The South dominates the list so much that we had to make sure it wasn't actually a ranking of America's most NASCAR loving states. Florida alone places four cities in the top 25, with three peaking in the top ten.

1. Tampa, Fla.

2. New Orleans, La.

3. Houston, Texas

4. Virginia Beach, Va.

5. Miami, Fla.

6. Memphis, Tenn.

7. Birmingham, Ala.

8. Atlanta, Ga.

9. Jacksonville, Fla.

10. Richmond, Va.

Orlando came in at 14th.

These aren't the type of cities we usually see Miami associated with, but while our culture may be vastly different, our similarly hot and damp climates make us bug hotspots.

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