Miami Makes List of 75 Best Cities for College Students

Miami is far from what you think of as a traditional college town, but the American Institute for Education Research thinks it's a fine place to attend school. So fine they've named South Florida to their list of 75 Best Cities for College Students.

They list is divided into four categories based on city size, and of course Miami, which in this case is used to describe Broward, Palm Beach and Miami-Dade Counties comes in 13 out of 15 in the Major Metros section.

Miami gets average marks on most of AIER's criteria, even surprisingly, for student diversity (though they use number of students holding a foreign passport to measure that statistic, which seems somewhat flawed). Miami also ranks low for public transportation and number of workers in "the creative class."

Other Florida cities that make the list include Orlando, Gainesville, and, uh, Naples. Naples may be a nice place to attend school if you're an undergrad who enjoys the retirement life, but we're wondering where students would actually go? There's a community college campus, a small satellite campus of FGCU, the still-being-established Catholic school Ave Maria and not much else. So, if anything, its weird that AIER's list doesn't apparently take into much account the actual schools in the city.

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Kyle Munzenrieder