Miami Is the Eighth Most Wasteful City in America

America's Least Wasteful Cities survey looked at a variety of components, including practices, behaviors, and values, and overall Miami is the eighth most wasteful city in America. Well, we are also the 18th least wasteful. Which sounds better, but the people behind the survey rated only 23 cities. So it's not much to be proud of.

We came in number four in the "Reusing Ziploc Bags and Tin Foil" category. We are not sure if "Ziploc Bags" includes only the sandwich- and gallon-size varieties, or the smaller size made to protect your dimes from wear-and-tear (which might help explain our high ranking), but regardless, this is quite an achievement and we should look into getting this on the welcome sign.

Meanwhile, we scored poorly in avoiding bottled water, buying secondhand goods, avoiding driving to places more than two miles from home, and limiting showers to five minutes. In Miami's defense in the last two categories: Public transportation sucks, and only five minutes in the shower does not wash off the stank left by the humidity here. So excuse us, environmentalists.

Also, while 70 percent of Miamians consider themselves eco-conscious, and 87 percent plan to be more so in the next year, only 28 percent think the city is moving in the right direction with regard to being less wasteful.

Read the full survey here.

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