Miami is One of America's Vainest Cities

You know it costs a lot to look this cheap, and we are damned proud of it. Yes, we Miamians tend to take pride in the looks we serve up and the bodies we flaunt, even if the rest of the country shakes their head at some of our favorite looks. Bitches just jealous. Listacle happy Daily Beast has now crowned us one of the vainest cities in America

In tademark Daily Beast style they take some random statistics they can get a hold of, average them out in some way, and come up with their rankings. In this case they used "percentage of residents for each city was neither overweight nor obese," percentage that belongs to gym, and the average spent on personal care.

Miami came in 15th with the following stats: 

Average monthly personal care spending: $65

Percentage of population not overweight: 38.3

Percent of population that belongs to a gym: 19.2

Oh, boy, only 38.3 of us are not overweight? That's somewhat surprising. Though, compared to some of the other cities on the list that's pretty good. 

The title of America's vainest city goes to San Francisco, where they spend an average of $111 a month on their personal upkeep and 50.4 percent are at a healthy weight. 

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Kyle Munzenrieder